Emma Dare

Uh oh, living off a prayer uh oh

Posted on: April 30, 2009

That’s the song I have stuck in my head right now. I’m not sure who sang it, or any other lines for that matter. I should be doing homework right now, since I missed yesterday and have a lot of history to do, but history requires a lot more thought than my other classes, so I always kind of stall. I’m also very tired right now but I don’t know why. We haven’t had dinner yet but I ate a huge snack (CHEERIOS!) so I don’t want to eat anything. You know, I kind of think “only halfway there” is another lyric in that song. I really don’t know.


Oh my god, summer is so close! May 22, the day we get released from school. I still have so much stuff to buy–swimsuit, sunglasses, hair stuff, a towel, a coverup, sunblock, waterproof mascara. I don’t know where I’m going to get all this money. It doesn’t grow on trees you know, but I just remembered that I do have a nursery paycheck underneath all the crap on my nightside table.


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